The Story API Project


Intellectual property owners are increasingly seeing fan art, fan fiction and other types of derivative work as an opportunity to keep their stories alive beyond the original canon. Right now, artists and developers have no easy way to access data and metadata about a story, understand a storyworld’s rules. This is why I started developing an API design for stories. In a nutshell, it can be used by IP owners willing to support fan art and derivative work.


My initial intent was to go pitch networks  about organizing hackathons for some of their shows. Even though there is a strong interest, I realized this strategy was almost a lost cause, since most IP owners are simply not ready to open their IP – which is by the way completely understandable, given the complexity of the subject.

For me, however, it became obvious that the best way to develop my API for stories was to start open source, and work with data that’s already available out there. And when it comes to open source data about storyworlds, fan wikis are a gold mine. Fans spend an incredible amount of time building  wikis about their favorite worlds.

As a huge  Game of Thrones fan, I decided to start working with the “A Song of Ice and Fire” wiki, which also happens to be one of the most sophisticated fan wiki out there. I am currently developing an API design based on Games of Thrones – which hopefully will be universal enough to be used for any storyworld.


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