I have organized several hackathons to explore how to leverage technological innovation for media professionals and creatives. Startup Weekend Transmedia was the latest. Here is an overview of what it looked like.

Startup Weekend Transmedia

Startup Weekend Transmedia was a hackathon-type event I organized with an awesome team of designers, event producers, social media experts and indie documentary producers.

Startup Weekend is a global non-profit organization which acts as a platform for anyone who wants to organize a Startup Weekend in their country or city. Organizers create an open-innovation setting and give participants the opportunity to create their own startups in 54h. Usually, Startup Weekend is aimed at marketers, technologists and designers who want to build a startup.

Startup Weekend Transmedia was the first event of the sort to focus specifically on transmedia storytelling. The idea was to bring best practices from the technology world to the media industry. Our goal was to foster the creation of innovative media projects and platforms, by bringing together creatives and technologists in an open innovation setting, for a whole week-end.

We learned a lot through this first experiment. It was challenging but I believe this hackathon format, inspired by the technology world, has a lot of potential for the media industry. Hackathons and creatathons are, by no means, an end-goal. They should be considered as laboratories for experimentation, validation, prototyping and co-learning.

I will write more about the outcomes of this event, but in the meantime, check out our infographic below!

We also have more events coming up, and are always looking for volunteers and partners. So stay tuned, and drop me a line if you would like to get involved.




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