The Daily Bud

This blog looks at best practices from the technology world that can be useful to entertainment and media professionals. I believe looking at other industries is one of the best ways to innovate in one’s own field. Throughout the 4 years I spent reporting on Silicon Valley tech innovation, I found that many concepts and practices which make successful tech companies and startups could also be useful to think critically about franchise development, entertainment marketing, fan engagement, distribution models etc.

This blog is a research project. My goal is to explore which models from the technology world can be applied to the entertainment industry, and how it can help media networks adapt to a changing world. I typically look at open source communities, hackathons, lean startup concepts, online platforms, etc. You will find case studies as well as ideas for what could be done for select franchises and brands. This is a work on progress, I would love to hear your thoughts and comments, so please don’t hesitate to reach out!

The Author

Hi there! I’m Alice. I am a technology editor, radio host and events producer. I moved to Silicon Valley from France 4 years ago after getting my masters degree in Communications, in Paris. I have served as Head of Editorial and Events for BNP Paribas’ innovation lab l’Atelier, and a radio journalist for France’s number 1 technology show l’Atelier Numérique, and I helped build San Francisco’s transmedia meetup group Transmedia SF. I organized several hackathons about storytelling and technology, among which Startup Weekend Transmedia.

Over the past few years, I have become especially interested in fan engagement, entertainment marketing and cross-platform storytelling. I want to help shape the future of media and entertainment.

Thanks for reading!



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