Amazon Kindle Worlds gets license for Veronica Mars fan fiction

Since its launch in 2013, Amazon’s Kindle Worlds platform keep expanding with more “Worlds” available for fan fiction writers. Today, Amazon announced a few new licensing agreements with several IP owners, among which Alloy Entertainment. The World of Veronica Mars, based on Rob Thomas’ television series, will soon be available on the Kindle Worlds platform. In other words, fans and writers will be able to write fan fiction pieces inspired by the universe of Veronica Mars, and publish their work through Amazon Publishing’s Kindle World platform.

This is a brilliant move from Warner/Alloy Entertainment, since the licensing agreement comes only a few weeks before the release of the Veronica Mars film – which raised over $5,700,000 of its $2M goal on Kickstarter, thanks to 91,500 backers. This renewed enthusiasm for Veronica Mars is a fertile ground for its launch on Kindle Worlds.

Read Amazon’s full press release right here.


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