Moments Lost Reignites Blade Runner Through Music and Artwork

Emil Arctaedius, HR-FM, Kilian Eng and Frederik Segerfalk are Blade Runner  fans. Respectively writer, illustrators and composer, they just launched an  Indiegogo campaign to finance Moments Lost – a concept album inspired by Ridley Scott’s sci-fi thriller. The soundtrack will tell 8 stories that take place in the dystopian world, each illustrated by original art work. “We were planted with the seeds of Blade Runner many years ago, and it now lives by itself in our minds, influencing everything we do” Segerfalk explains.

Analog Sweden will record the music using equipment almost identical to that used by Vangelis when he composed the 1982 Blade Runner soundtrack. This includes “the legendary Yamaha CS-80, THE most influential synthesizer in the Vangelis sound setup,” which the team is ready to give away as perk to the lucky backer who invests 50.000 euros in the project.

While Moments Lost will depict stories that take place in the Blade Runner universe, they will be entirely original work and will not be based on the film’s plot or characters. The team is also running a contest to select additional artists to illustrate some of the 8 stories.

This crowdsourced, crowdfunded project has not been approved by Warner Bros or any of the IP holders. It does come, however, after numerous attempts to create spin-offs, prequels and sequels of Blade Runner, which all failed because of copyrights issues, mainly. Yet another Blade Runner movie is rumored to be on the way, director by Ridley Scott himself, with the potential participation of Harrison Ford. But who knows when that will come out.

3 decades have gone by since the release of the original movie, with almost no other ways for fans to engage with the Blade Runner universe – surprising, especially knowing that the film was itself inspired by Philip K. Dick’s 1968 novel Do Androids Dreams of Electric Sheep? Published derivative works currently include 2 video games, a few documentaries on the making of the movie, and a Marvel Super Special Blade Runner comics.


 Marvel Blade Runner Special

If the Indiegogo campaign is successful, Moments Lost will give fans the opportunity to dive deeper in to the Blade Runner universe with fresh stories and new formats. The use of identical recording equipment creates a sense of authenticity and a continuity with the original Vangelis musical work.

To support Lost Moments, click here!


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